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Welcome to Nepal - Nima Adventure

From climbing snow capped mountains to watching the tinkling bells of temples, riding the yaks and finding solace with Buddha, get it all in this rejuvenating experience of thrill, hospitality and serenity. Meet the smiles of innocent children, relive a festive occasion, walk an expedition, feel the fun in rafting, excite yourself with trekking and laugh your heart with the people.

Come live a blissful experience in this enchanting country of flora and fauna; rivers and lakes. Come visit Nepal: a word in itself.

Mountain Biking

With its rugged landscapes and exotic beauty, the thrill of biking through rocky terrains and observing the mystique of Nepal is in itself a deal not to be missed.

Langtang Ganja La Pass Trek

The Langtang Ganja La Pass Trek is one of the most adventurous and diverse treks that can be embarked on in Nepal. This 14 day trail takes us into the depths of the Langtang Region and gives us the views of the exquisite peaks of the region. The main attraction of the trek is the Langtang Ganja La Pass.

Jungle Safari

Forests are considered to be the wealth of this beautiful country Nepal. Hence, this country is an ideal destination for all kind of Jungle safari’s for people with a flair for observing unique fauna and flora.

Bungmati Homestay

Bungmati has been established as one of the most famous homestay locations situated in Nepal. The itinerary which includes the homestay in Bungmati, is not only comprised of the passage through green woods, picturesque villages and raw beauty but also the chances to mix up with the ethnic inhabitants of the region. The culturally and spiritually enhancing tour gives a chance to live in with the customs and traditions followed by the local people.

Chitlang Homestay

Chitlang Homestay has become a widely visited tour destination for tourists all around the world. It is situated in Makwanpur District and on the high level of the northern part. As Emperor Ashoka who visited the area installed pillars and a Chaitya there, the place has been named as Chitlang Village.