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Bungmati Homestay

Bungmati has been established as one of the most famous homestay locations situated in Nepal. The itinerary which includes the homestay in Bungmati, is not only comprised of the passage through green woods, picturesque villages and raw beauty but also the chances to mix up with the ethnic inhabitants of the region. The culturally and spiritually enhancing tour gives a chance to live in with the customs and traditions followed by the local people.

The major highlights of the trek are the ancient houses clustered together, fort like designs, terraced farms and many more such things which take us away from the concrete and dust filled hustle bustle of the Kathmandu city and into the depths of what Nepal is actually like.  The admixture of culture and nature is balanced in the tour which goes up through one route and returns through another. Homestay has been established well in Bungmati and hence there will be no difficulty in finding a host for the night that will take care of your needs and give you an insight to how they live their lives.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu- Bungmati

Day 03: Bungmati- Khokana

Day 04: Bungmati- Dakhsinkali- Bungmati

Day 05: Departure

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Day 01:

Arrival in Kathmandu

Upon arriving in Kathmandu, you can relinquish your senses with the exquisite Nepali cuisine and stroll around the streets of this metropolis and breathe in the feel of the city.

Day 02:

Drive from Kathmandu- Bungmati

Bungmati is situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu. After almost an hour and a half’s drive, we have to walk a short distance to reach Bungmati through terraced farms and green lush vegetation. Upon reaching the village, you can mix up with the ethnic Newari inhabitants living there and have typical Newari food as you lunch and dinner. The welcoming inhabitants will be free to answer any of your questions and you will be amazed to see the difference of the lifestyle of people here, from the people in central Kathmandu. You can stay overnight at a homestay trek location and get to known the family and the traditions.

Day 03:

Bungmati- Khokana

Today, the trail takes us to Khokana. After a relishing breakfast at your desired homestay location, you can move upwards to Khokana. On the way, you’ll come across the temple of Karyavinayak. It is said that this shrine will fulfill your wishes. Upon reaching Khokana, the welcome inhabitants there will be ready to answer your questions and you can tour around the area to see traditional wooden mills producing mustard oil. Also provided is the opportunity to witness the first ever household which used electrivity in Nepal. Newari delicacies can be eaten to relinquish the senses and the local Newari food will surely tease your taste buds. After roaming around a bit more, we move into Sakalichuar. It offers the views of the river and hills all around. We then visit the cremation grounds of the people residing in Khokana and hike back to Bungmati to stay for the night in the homestay location we stayed the previous night.

Day 04:

Bungmati- Dakhsinkali- Bungmati

Today we hike into the Hindu pilgrimage site of Dakshinkali. The trail passes through several villages and vantage points before reaching Dakshinkali. The various cultures and traditions of the people living there  can be viewed and the first hydroelectricity plant of Asia can be viewed on the way too. Beautiful spots too can be seen along the way and upon reaching the Dakhsinkali temple; its outskirts can be viewed and explored. After this, we return via a different route to Bungmati, to further observe people of different traditions, ethnicities cultures.

Day 05:


We can wake up early morning and move to the Tribhuvan International Airport situated in Kathmandu and depart to our desired locations after having experienced the cultural and religious beauty of the outskirts of Kathmandu.