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Chitlang Homestay

Chitlang Homestay has become a widely visited tour destination for tourists all around the world. It is situated in Makwanpur District and on the high level of the northern part. As Emperor Ashoka who visited the area installed pillars and a Chaitya there, the place has been named as Chitlang Village.

The ethnic inhabitants of this region are ancient Newars and the area consists of inscriptions dating back to the Lichchavi era. Apart from Newars this area consists of people of other ethnicities like Tamang, Magar, Chettri, Brahman, Khas, Gurung etc. The characteristic beauty of the Chitlang village is the presence of different and varied flora and faun that adorn the region. Lying atop the Chandragiri Hill, the hike to  Chitlang and staying there subsequently, offers exclusive views of mountain peaks like the Annapurna, Everest, Kanchanjanga and the view of the entire Kathmandu valley. The recently established homestay destination offers spectacular opportunity to both witness the nature’s beauty and to live in and understand the cultures and traditions of the local people of the area.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu- Chitlang

Day 03: Chitlang- Markhu

Day 04: Markhu- Kulekhani- Kathmandu

Day 05: Departure

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Day 01:

Arrival in Kathmandu

After arriving from respective locations to Kathmandu, the authentic and alluring Nepali cuisine can be tried to relinquish the mind. Strolling around the area to observe the hustle bustle of the city is also highly recommended.

Day 02:

Kathmandu- Chitlang

Early in the morning, we start from a drive to Thankot, situated on the very outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. Upon reaching Thankot, we move towards Chitang through a hike of about 2 to 3 hours. Hiking is best suited for reaching Chitlang, which is an exciting destination for all kinds of tourists. This place is ideal for visitors with a wish to observe the cultural, traditional, geographical and natural beauty and variety of the Chitlang area. Upon reaching there, one can roam around and get acquainted with the natural beauty, embark on religious tours, visit historical places, embark on sightseeing, fishing, trekking further and researching the area. One can also mix in and understand the traditions and cultures of the people there. Homestay opportunity with the chance to taste the mouthwatering ethnic Newari cuisine is awarded to the tourists.

Day 03:

Chitlang- Markhu

Markhu is another village located near Kulekhani and Chitlang and can be reached through a soft downhill hike from Chitlang. The main attraction here is boating around the lake situated here. The tasty fish available here is another added attraction. The Kulekhani reservoir too can be seen from here. This day too, homestay villages and homes will be granted to tourists to spend the night upon. We can mix up with the local people and known more about them here too.

Day 04:

Markhu- Kulekhani- Kathmandu

This day, we end our short tour. Early in the morning, we visit the largest government owned goat farm on the way to Kulekhani from Markhu. Kulekhani means water mine. The name is justified as this location consists of a water reservoir which can be visited. Boating, fishing and hiking are the activities people wish to carry out here. After strolling around the area and admiring the beauty of the rugged landscapes, we return back through a drive of 2-3 hours to Kathmandu

Day 05:


After an incredible experience of visiting the Chitlang village and staying at a local’s house there, we bid goodbye to Nepal only after promising to come back for more.