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Paldor Peak Climbing

The Paldor Peak, which has established itself as one of the most visited and summited peaks in the Ganesh Himal range, lies south-east to the mighty Ganesh Himal. It is a viewpoint offering the mind boggling views of the extremely beautiful mastiffs like the Pabil, Ganesh as well as the LogsangKarpo. The Paldor peak can also be visible from the Kathmandu valley on a clear day. Its height however is 5896 m.

Its location at the junction of the Tiru and KarpuDandas and its crevasses and non-difficult climb has made it extremely popular amongst people from all across the world. A good condition and a clear day will make the climb of this peak extremely good and the views offered from this peak is extremely worthy of all the time and energy spent. For a person with the interest of experiencing the thrill of peak climbing and also looking for the easiest way to do so, the climb up the Paldor peak is highly recommended. 

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m)

Day 02: Sightseeing around Kathmandu

Day 03: Kathmandu- Syabrubesi

Day 04: Syabrubesi- Gatlang (2239m)

Day 05: Gatlang- Yuri Kharka (2239m- 3390m)

Day 06: Yuri Kharka- Khurpu Dada- Somdang (3390m- 3620m- 3270m)

Day 07: Somdang- JastaKhani (3270m- 3700m)

Day 08: JastaKhami- Paldor Base Camp (3700m- 4280m)

Day 09: Rest and acclimatization

Day 10: Paldor Base Camp- High Camp

Day 11: Rest and acclimatization

Day 12: Summit Paldor Peak- Back to Base Camp

Day 13: Base Camp- Somdang

Day 14: Somdang- NarchetKharka (3800m)

Day 15: NarchetKharka- Sertung

Day 16: Sertung- Jharlang

Day 17: Jharlang- Darkha

Day 18: Darkha- Khahare Bazaar

Day 19: Khahare Bazaar- Kathmandu

Day 20: Free Day in Kathmandu

Day 21: Departure

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Day 01:

Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m)

Today we reach the capital of the beautiful country Kathmandu. Upon arrival we have the choice to either stroll around the streets or live in the ambience of the city or to enjoy, relax and taste the exquisite cuisine of the Kathmandu city. Whatever be the situation, the first day too will be spent in much enjoyment and happiness.

Day 02:

Sightseeing around Kathmandu

Kathmandu is home to several world heritage sites which are worth visiting. Some of them include the likes of the Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Durbar square along with several other sites like the BoudhanathStupa, Syambunath and many more.  We will also be sending our time to make the climbing equipment’s ready.

Day 03:

Kathmandu- Syabrubesi

Today we move along and drive to the beautiful Syabrubesi. The drive in itself is a unique one, with the passage through he roaring and beautiful Trishuli, and scenic foothills and ridge lines to Dhunche. We will also get the glimpses of the Ganesh Himal and can live in the beauty of the Langtang region at the same time.

Day 04:

Syabrubesi- Gatlang (2239m)

Today, we will commence our trek. The path will take us from the perfect viewpoint with mountain scenery amalgamated by the style of living of the Tamang populations into the village of Gatlang. We will be walking through several villages and can also view the cultural show that is so famous to the Gatlang region. Also provided are the chances to be able to visit the ParvatiKunda as well as the Tamang monastery that adorns this region.

Day 05:

Gatlang- Yuri Kharka (2239m- 3390m)

Today, we will trek into the beautiful village of Yuri Kharka. Along the path to the Yuri Kharka we will be passing through an ascending path with forests of rhododendron, juniper and fir. The Yuri Kharka can be vest descried as a grazing spot for animals.

Day 06:

Yuri Kharka- Khurpu Dada- Somdang (3390m- 3620m- 3270m)

Today, our destination will be the village of Somdang which is famous for its zinc mines. The path to Somdang passes through the KhurpuDanda. The KhurpuDanda is an awesome viewpoint which offers the spectacular views of the extremely pristine peaks like the Langtang, Ganesh Himal as well as the Paldor peak.

Day 07:

Somdang- JastaKhani (3270m- 3700m)

We start off our day with a gradually ascending path which passes through forests before reaching the PaigutangKharka. The trail now becomes more steeper as you ascend up to the JastaKhani. The path consists of a road covered completely by Juniper forests and a zinc mine present at the JastaKhani can be visited too.

Day 08:

JastaKhami- Paldor Base Camp (3700m- 4280m)

Today, we will be reaching the base camp of the exquisite Paldor Peak. An ascending path surrounded by a rocky glacier trail will take us up to the base camp of Paldor amalgamated with the pretty views of the rock hills as well as the peak itself.

Day 09:

Rest and acclimatization

Today, the day will be targeted towards acclimatizing with the high altitude. This is ensured to remove any possibility of altitude sickness and this can be done not by simply resting but moving around a bit. We make the necessary arrangements for our ascend up the peak next day.

Day 10:

Paldor Base Camp- High Camp

Our ascend up the Paldor peak starts today with our day ending at the High Camp. The path, which moves through a rocky glacier, will take us to the High Camp of the Paldor Peak and the views of the Paldor East and West will be mesmerizing to the eyes. We can also enjoy the pristine views of all the green hills around us.

Day 11:

Rest and acclimatization

Today too, we rest and acclimatize with the altitude before summiting the peak.

Day 12:

Summit Paldor Peak- Back to Base Camp

Today, we will summit the Paldor Peak which is situated at a height of 5896m. The speechless views offered by the top of the peak will make every step taken worth it. You will be immensely rewarded with the exclusive views of the LangtangLirung, Ganesh Himal, Ganesh I,II,II, Tibetan peaks as well as the Shishpangma. After witnessing this spectacle, we make our way back to the base camp.

Day 13:

Base Camp- Somdang

We will retrace our path back from Base Camp to Somdang today. The path is a straight downhill and moved gradually downwards before reaching Somdang. 

Day 14:

Somdang- NarchetKharka (3800m)

Today we deviate from our path a bit and trek from Somdang to NachetKharka. A gradually ascending path surrounded by forests and green hills will take us to NarchetKharkha which offers the rare views of the LangtangHimal, Manaslu as well as the Ganesh Himal.

Day 15:

NarchetKharka- Sertung

Today, we will be destined to reach Sertung. The day starts off with a descent and climbs up again. The path will consist of bamboo, pine and rhododendron covered forests as well as beautiful waterfalls to wash your face in. We will encounter the village of Tipling, a Tamang village with mixed culture and adorned with a church as well as a chorten. We will get the chance to mix up with the ethnic inhabitants living in the region. The tin, wood and stone houses, goods of bamboo sticks and the distinct lifestyles of people living in this region make the passage through this village an immensely pleasurable moment. From here, we will be following a steep downward path and follow an upward path to Sertung, a Gurung village with a unique culture.

Day 16:

Sertung- Jharlang

Today, we will trek from Sertung to the village of Jharlang. The staring part of the trail is an uphill path up until we reach the small ridge from where spectacular views of the Ganesh Himal, waterfall and several villages at a distance can be observed. Now, the path follows a downward path and crosses through several bridges to Jharlang, a Tamang village with its very own mixed culture.

Day 17:

Jharlang- Darkha

Today, we will cross a landslide along Jharlang and begin a path upwards with the views of Ganesh Himal, several farming terraces, jungle and ManasluHimal. We will pass through the Brahmin village of Darkha and can observe the Aankhu stream which is situated closeby.

Day 18:

Darkha- Khahare Bazaar

This day is the last day of this trek and starts off with a descending path down to the DarkhaPhedi. Here, the route moves further along the river before reaching Khahare Bazaar. A big market with all kinds of tea shops, lodges and important buildings are present here.

Day 19:

Khahare Bazaar- Kathmandu

Today, we return to Kathmandu via a bus ride from Khahare Bazaar. An unpaved road takes us to DhadingPhedi from the Kharkha Bazaar, beyond which we will be passing through a paved road to Kathmandu. Needless to state, this journey too will be a scenic one though rivers, villages, hills and terraces.

Day 20:

Free Day in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is full of several architectural delights which can be visited today. You can rest today, after the tiredness of the trek and you will be able to shop for souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Day 21:


After an incredible experience and hearts heavy, we depart back to our country with the promise to come back for more.