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Sunkoshi River Rafting

Sunkoshi aptly means “River of Gold” and is known to be one of the 10 classic and best white water journeys in Nepal. The Sunkoshi River Rafting gives thrill seekers the experience of one of the best and the longest river trip. It flows down form the snowcapped mountains and its warm water, camping opportunities and extremely good rapids makes it a destination must visited for thrill seekers all around the world.

Also suitable for kayaking, this river is best suited for rafting purposes. The enchanting river rafting can be done in the duration of 9 days and you will feel close to nature like you have never felt before. Get the chances to view more than 250 species of orchids and birds like bulbuls, flycatcher, River chats, wall creepers including 400 more. The best and well known rapids that will leave you reeling are the Punch, Meat Grinder, High Anxiety and many more. All of the rapids are Class V+ and the starting point of the extremely beautiful trip is from Dolalghat. Follow the itinerary below and find out what’s in store for you in the exquisite trip. The itinerary is in the supposition that you are already in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. 

Day 01: Kathmandu- Dolalghat- KhalteChayenpur

Day 02: Chayenpur- LikhuKhola

Day 03: LikhuKhola- Harkapur

Day 04: Harkapur- RasuwaGhat

Day 05: RasuwaGhar- Jungle Corridor

Day 06: Jungle Corridor- Big Dipper

Day 07: Big Dipper- TribeniDovan

Day 08: TribeniDova- Chatara

Day 09: Chatara- Kathmandu

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Day 01:

Kathmandu- Dolalghat- KhalteChayenpur

A three hour drive takes us from the beautiful capital of Nepal, Kathmandu to Dolalghat. Dolaghat is the put in point of the Sunkoshi. We start off rafting at this very day and the trip today is a relaxing and peaceful one. The KooyehBhir is the important rapid experienced during this day and we lunch in the sandy beach. Villages and temples are encountered on the way and you spend the night in the white sandy beach. The trip brings us to Cheyenpur where we spend the night.

Day 02:

Chayenpur- LikhuKhola

To second day too starts early today. We will raft down and encounter the first Class III rapid today. Known as the Meat Grinder, the rapid lives up to its name.We reach the actual SunkoshiRiver only today. We explore the landscape around the area and get to see the unique vegetation and birds all along the way. We will also get the chances to mix in with the ethnic inhabitants of the area and appreciate their welcoming nature. We will camp in a nice sandy beach and spend the night in LikhuKhola today.

Day 03:

LikhuKhola- Harkapur

Today we will be passing along some extremely difficult rapids so safety is of paramount concern. The size of the rapids is surprising and the most exciting route is selected along the way. After the lunch time, the water becomes gentler and you can relax and look at the Newar ethnic onlookers watching you enjoy your experience. We end our day and camp in Harkapur for the night today.

Day 04:

Harkapur- RasuwaGhat

Today, the canyon narrows down considerably bringing about a noticeable change in the surroundings. The vegetation gets thicker and you will get the chances to view the extremely rare birds that Nepal is proud of. Medium sized rapids are encountered this day and we reach down to the confluence of the LikhuKhola whereby we come across a huge rapid of Class IV called the Likhu Rapid. After lunch, we will visit interesting wall inscriptions and rock formations which is followed by ending the day in RasuwaGhat.

Day 05:

RasuwaGhar- Jungle Corridor

The biggest rapid of the rafting expedition is encountered this day. The river picks up speed and we come across several medium sized rapids before the impending big rapi. The rapid, named the Harpaur II is a challenging yet the most thrilling one. We encounter the confluence of the DudhKoshi and the Sun Koshi somewhere underneath and the valley broaden to 2 kilometers today. In the afternoon, we will only come across medium sized rapids and will end the day in the area called the Jungle Corridor.

Day 06:

Jungle Corridor- Big Dipper

This day is a thrilling one too. We progress starting from small rapids and reach towards the challenging rapid called Jaws. With small holes are certain levels, this rapid is thrilling. We will come across many small rapids and then reach the Class III rapid called Rhino Rock. We set up camp around this area today.

Day 07:

Big Dipper- TribeniDovan

We will pass through the narrow opening of the gorge today which is a thickly forested area. We will come across several rapids the best being the Black Hole and the Cooper Chin. Waterfalls along the way provide excellent recluse for showering and we maneuver our raft through several scenic areas along the way. We set up camp near and four hundred feet long waterfall.

Day 08:

TribeniDova- Chatara

This is the day we look forward to the Big Dipper rapid. It comprises of a series of standing waves and holes and must be properly encountered. With proper inspection and strategies, the team will come up with the best ay to pass through the rapid. After enjoying the thrill of the Big Dipper, the water becomes gentler downwards. We will watch cremations, bamboo loggings, and mix in with the Rais and the Limbus, the ethnic inhabitants of the region. Today we come across the confluence of the rivers like the Tamur, Arun as well as the Sun Koshi which makes up for a proper camping spot.

Day 09:

Chatara- Kathmandu

Today marks the end of our spectacular journey filled with adventure and sport. We will visit the Hindu temple of BarahChettra situated near Tribenighat and watch the pilgrims who come to worship the gods here. After some time and some fun on the beach, we will bring an end to the extremely beautiful trip on Chatara and take a bus back to Kathmandu. With fond memories of the 9 day long journey and photos of the adventure, we will head back home with the promise to come back for more.