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Bhutan officially, Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country sandwiched between the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China and the Sikkim State of India. Being one of the few countries with the remaining kingdom in the world, the country places Thimpu as their Capital city with Dzongkha as their national language.

Being one of the most concealed countries in the world, Bhutan has a well-maintained land as at least 60% of the national land must be covered in forests at all times. The country has over 7% of GDP earned solely through the tourism sector.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon has one of the most well-preserved cultures and the environment in the whole world. The combination of green forests all around with high peaks at the backdrop makes this place worth a visit.

With the highest point of Bhutan at 24,840 feet still unclimbed, Bhutan has a lot to offer to its travelers. Even though, there are no UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Bhutan, ten of its historic forts and buildings have been submitted to the tentative list.

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