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Dhaulagiri Region

The name Dhaulagiri literally refers to White Mountain. This incredible mountain is the eight highest in the world and the region surrounding it is referred to as the Dhaulagiri region. It consists of four peaks which resemble a pyramid. The enthralling treks through this region offer views of the pristine peaks along with the chance to witness incredible species of flora and fauna. The peaks that come to view from this region are the Churen Himal, Annapurna, Gurja Himal, nilgiri, Dhampus Peak, Tukuche etc along with the Dhaulagiri.

Is trekking through the Dhaulagiri region safe after the 2015 earthquake? It is our pride to offer a chance to thrill seekers to safely behold the beauty of this trek without worrying about the conditions after the earthquake as everything in this region is absolutely safe. The added attraction of the Dhaulagiri region is the absence of tea lodges which calls for adventurous camping activities.