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Jungle Safari

Nepal is known best for its varied topography and geography and its huge area of forests. Forests are considered to be the wealth of this beautiful country which hosts a total of over 850 bird species, 185 mammal species and 6000 plant species out of which 245 are not found in the rest of the world. Hence, this country is an ideal destination for all kind of Jungle safari’s for people with a flair for observing unique fauna and flora. The Terai region, which is full of alluvial soil, hosts most of these jungle safari locations.

Jungle Safari across Nepal offers opportunities to explore protected species like the Royal Bengal tiger, crocodiles, gharials, spotted hog, peacock, danphe, Himalayan thar amongst many others. Is Nepal safe to visit after the 2015 earthquake? The answer is affirmative as none of the Jungle safari sites have been affected by the quake. Nepal and Nepalese thus welcome tourists from all over the world to observe the ecological diversity of this wonderful nation.