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Mountain Biking

Nepal is a country fit for the sport of mountain biking. With its rugged landscapes and exotic beauty, the thrill of biking through rocky terrains and observing the mystique of Nepal is in itself a deal not to be missed.

This beautiful Asian country is full of options to choose from when it comes to mountain biking. Nagarkot, Upper Mustang, Pokhara, Manaslu, Lower Mustang are a few to name. the proper equipment required to amplify the skills of mountain biking, are easily available in all the tourist areas fit for conducting this vigorous yet exquisite adventurous activity. Is Nepal safe? The answer will be affirmative as no mountain biking sites have been affected by the recent earthquake that shook the nation. Thrill seekers are thus welcomed heartily to come and explore the rare opportunity to undertake an unforgettable experience in the corners of this magnificent country and its rugged landscape.