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Mustang Region

Mustang Region is a region untouched by the waves of modernization and urbanization and has managed to keep its raw natural beauty intact. Ranging from green vegetation to dry arid lands, this region provides the perfect trekking destinations for thrill seekers around the world. The culture is highly influenced by Tibetan culture and it is great to see the harmony between the inhabitants.

Previously called as the Kingdom of Lo, its major attractions include the Muktinath Temple, various gompas and monasteries, Tiji Festival, the deepest gorge in the world Kali Gandaki and the exquisite views of various Tibetan and Nepali mountains. Is Mustang region safe to visit after the 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal? The answer is a simple yes, almost none of the trekking trails have been affected and those affected have been reinstated. Nepal hence welcomes trekkers with open arms to explore the mystical beauty of the Mustang Region.